Certifications guarantee the effectiveness
and efficiency of our processes

Our certifications confirm you can rely on our organization.
Periodic audits make the teams work in a motivated and committed manner.


We get certified for our clients, thus making their activities more agile and secure. Periodic audits make teams work motivated and customers can depend on our organization.

Our certifications confirm that you can depend on our organization. Certifications ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes and require that knowledge be kept up to date.


We redesign our processes continuously, looking out for specific improvements to keep them agile, efficient and safe for our teams and clients.


We transform knowledge into business technology. We align it with the organization’s strategies and the performance expected by our clients.

Send us your suggestions to improve our processes and facilities.
Health and safety

Jauser recognizes that the protection of the health and safety of their employees and others involved in their operations, as well as the protection of the environment, are essential aspects to consider in our business activities and a central responsibility of management in all the levels of the Organization.

We aim to achieve zero injuries to our team, manage our organization responsibly and work to achieve the best international practices of HSSE.
HSSE is everyone’s responsibility and that everyone has an obligation to intervene to prevent unsafe behavior and reinforce good practices.

The safe conclusion of projects and the operation of the facilities is a key factor in the success of our business; we are not only interested in the final result but also the path taken to achieve it.